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  • Flores Joyful Retreat

    Pelangi camping opening soon

    Flores Joyful Retreat is a retreat area in Melo village, 45 min from Labuan Bajo Komodo airport, on the beautiful island of Flores, Indonesia. The project to create the joyful retreat is in progress and we just built five camping huts. This space for joy, yoga, meditation and cultural activities is soon opening as we now have received all the documents for opening. Just waiting for the final clearance. Organic gardens are in place and during November we will build the space for yoga and guest house.

  • The process of creating the Flores Joyful Retreat

    Opening soon - November/December 2018


    Creating Pelangi Camping area

    During June and July 2018 five camping huts were built as the first part of Pelangi Camping. Each Camping hut can accomodate two persons in double or twin beds. More photos in the Photo gallery.


    Building the first house

    During September and October 2017, the first house was built. Terasses was created for organic gardening and planting of fruit treas started.
    More photos in the Photo gallery

    First stone ceremony

    September 2, 2017, a traditional ceremony was performed with Bpk Tua Ame, Bpk Desa, Bpk Tua Golo, and many others
    for placing the first stone for starting the building of the first house at Flores Joyful Retreat.
    More photos in the Photo gallery

    Preparing the land for the first house

    During July and August 2017 the land was cleaned and the building material for the first house was transported to the retreat area.
    More photos in the Photo gallery

  • Help us bring more JOY into the world

    Flores Joyful Retreat, a place for yoga, meditation, Qi gong, traditional dancing and cooking - things to bring you back in touch with your true state of peace and joy. The retreat space will also incorporate the 'Joyful Children Area'. This is a place for children from the surrounding villages (and around the world) to learn traditional dancing, English, organic gardening, traditional games and connecting to nature.
    We need your help to continue the creation of the Flores Joyful Retreat. The next phase of development will include the children's activity house and installation of solar panels for electricity. We have set up a page on GoFundMe where you can help us with any amount that feels comfortable for you. Thank you for your support!

  • “Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile,
    but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy”

    Thich Nhat Hanh


    Flores Joyful Retreat is a place for everyone to find - Joy - Beauty - Power - Love.


    Yoga Asana, Meditation, Qi Gong, Indonesian Martial Arts, The Art of Silence and Smiling.
    Organic Gardening and Medicine Gardens.

    Create a place for Local Communities to
    perform and teach traditional Dancing and Cooking.

    Flores Joyful Retreat is open for people of all ages - children, families, backpackers - to come and experience joy and happiness.