Brittas Warung

Traditional Flores Food
prepared over open fire

Brittas Warung

Open fire kitchen

Traditional Flores dishes

Drinks @ Brittas

Coffee – Flores
Coffee – Filtered
Coffee w/ Gi
Coffee w/ Chilli

Tea w/ Ginger
Tea w/ Ginger/Lemongrass
Tea w/ Ginger/Mint

Mint Infusion
Mint/Lemongrass Infusion
Ginger/Lemongrass Infusion

All available with Palm Sugar or White Sugar

Food @ Brittas

Rice with local vegetables
Dadar (Omelette)
Pisang Goreng (fried banana)

Order one day in advance

Smoked fish w/ local vegetables*
Smoked chicken w/ local veg*
Fish Soup sweet and sour*
Chicken Soup w/ Coconut Milk*
Nasi Goreng

*Served w/ White, Red or Yellow Rice
Local Sambal (spicy sauce) available