Brittas Warung

Traditional Flores Food
prepared over open fire

Brittas warung offer traditional Flores food prepared over open fire.
The dishes are prepared with organic ingredients from our gardens
and with a great portion of love.

Brittas Warung

Open fire kitchen

Brittas Warung - interior dining with view

Brittas warung - outdoor dining

Drinks @ Brittas

Coffee – Flores
Coffee – Filtered
Coffee w/ Gi
Coffee w/ Chilli

Tea w/ Ginger
Tea w/ Ginger/Lemongrass
Tea w/ Ginger/Mint

Mint Infusion
Mint/Lemongrass Infusion
Ginger/Lemongrass Infusion

All available with Palm Sugar or White Sugar

Food @ Brittas

Rice with local vegetables
Dadar (Omelette)
Pisang Goreng (fried banana)

Order one day in advance

Smoked fish w/ local vegetables*
Smoked chicken w/ local veg*
Fish Soup sweet and sour*
Chicken Soup w/ Coconut Milk*
Nasi Goreng

*Served w/ White, Red or Yellow Rice
Local Sambal (spicy sauce) available