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5 entries.
Dorian and Joanne wrote on May 10, 2019:
We had an amazing and lovely time here. Each moment was so great, fun and authentic, we loved that. We cooked with Liz and her mama, it was a really good experience, lot of cultural sharing!We didn't met LArs, maybe next time but mama and Liz are two WONDERWOMAN! So peaceful, sokind and so attentive, joyful!And of course really good cookers. Food was amazing! We loved also talk with Roland and shared the special trek with him and local people! He is so smiling and friendly too! What a lovely family, here we hope, little by littlem you'll make your dreams come true.
Thank you for everything, we love everything here!
Terima kasih!
The french people, Dorian and joanne
(Alias "Do" and "Jo")
With Love
Quinte Rodríguez wrote on May 2, 2019:
We found this place in last moment and made reservation for one of our last nights in Flores. This was the best experience what we could have! Place is very special, near to nature and jungle in the middle of nowhere. We slept in one of four tradicional huts and we loved our time there. Huts are very comfortable with good mattress, mosquito net and beautiful decoration. We were warmly welcomed by Liz (owner) and her family with welcome drinks and snacks. All meals are delicious, fresh and home made by themselves so it's good opportunity to taste tradicional food and local coffee.This is perfect place to stay some time and relax, enjoy simply life and charge energy from nature and good people 🙂
Amar and Fanny wrote on April 30, 2019:
We had an amazing time here, even though we could only stay for one night. We really would love to come back to your little oasis, spend more time with you and your lovely family and get to know more about your culture and good food. Maybe we even get the chance to support your amazing project...
We wish you all the best and talk to you soon.
Amar and Fanny
Joice and Marc wrote on February 28, 2019:
Dear Lars & Liz
What an amazingly beautiful 'coincidence' we bumped into your place.
We came in with tension but as soon as we felt the good energy things turned out to be exactly what we needed and we're leaving calm, clear and connected. Thank you so much and we wish you all the luck with this beautiful place you are building. We will be back.
Lots of luck and love
Joice and Marc
Bara and Isa wrote on February 6, 2019:
Thank you Lars & Liz for this nourishing week.
We are really greatful that we explored this unique place full of love and natural beauty. You are amazing hosts and we enjoyed every minute here. The food was absolutely breathtaking, the yoga and meditation were exactly we needed. Thank you for giving us the space to rest and filling us up with good energy.
We'll be defenitely back.
Lots of love, Bara & Isa