Tourist objects nearby Flores Joyful retreat

 Beautiful waterfalls

Cunca Wae Satar

West of Cecer
About 35 m

Cunca Wae Lakang

North of Melo
About 25 m high

Cunca Wae Rewus

West of Cecer
About 7 m high

Cunca Wae Mowol

In Melo
About 10 m high

Cunca Rami

25 km from Melo

Cunca Wulang

15 km from Melo

Spectacular caves and much more

Sano Nggoang Crater Lake

30 km from Melo

Liang Kantor

South of Melo

Liang Niki (Bat cave)

In Melo

Batu Seraung

West of Cecer

Menge rice fields

West of Cecer

Spider Web Rice Fields

85 km from Melo